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Early Steps is now part of Cornerstone Learning CiC

girl autistic


Early Steps provides services to families, preschools and schools looking for additional support. 

We are experts in helping children learn important skills such as communicating their needs, making friends and regulating their emotions.
Whatever your child's current level, we can help them progress!

In January 2024, we set up a nonprofit organisation called Cornerstone Learning CiC.  Early Steps stay-and-play sessions and all our services fall under this umbrella and we are looking forward to this enabling us to provide even more support for children this year! 


We offer a range of services for families and schools or nurseries to support children with additional needs.
This includes:

Parent-and-child communication classes
In home parent support packages
Troubleshooting clinics
School or nursery based social skills sessions
School / Nursery Outreach
Summer Camps


Just get in touch and we can advise you

What Parents Think

“We have been put on the right path. Early Steps is a life changing course. I highly recommend this to anyone – we are a new family now”

“I honestly haven’t looked back.  It helped our family so much. My son is now getting the right support he needs that I was too afraid to ask for - I would have struggled without Early Step’s support. My twins still miss their Early Steps sessions – they often ask when they can go back – it was our safe place. “

“The Early Steps Course is invaluable – it really helped us as a family. Thank you

“He wouldn’t be in a mainstream school if we hadn’t attended the Early Steps programme.”

Family of 4 Year Old

Mum of Twin Boys

Parent of Boy now in School

"fantastic sessions with great practical and emotional support"

Mum of preschooler

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