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Early Steps in Schools

Our Early Steps team also run small group-based activities in primary schools and preschool settings for children aged 4 to 11.

These sessions focus on school readiness skills such as:

  • friendship skills

  • taking turns

  • waiting and tolerating

  • being assertive

  • listening skills

Sessions are play-based, with a short input session at the start.  The goals for the sessions are based on the childrens needs and there is a different focus goal each week.


We begin by finding out a little more about the children who would benefit from our sessions, through informal assessment and a brief observation.


Sessions run from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the schools needs and are for between 4 to 6 children.


Where possible a member of staff should attend our sessions in order to facilitate the transferral of skills to the classroom


A short summary is also provided which can be shared with teaching staff and parents to keep them up to date with how the children are doing and further aid transferral of skills. 

School-based sessions are bespoke to your school and on request only, and are priced from £200 per half term.

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